Hotel Musashitei is an accommodation known for its outstanding food since it originated from a ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant).

We are highly praised for our discerning seafood dishes by repeat guests not only from Hokkaido but all over Japan.

We warmly welcome our guests using seasonal ingredients.


We use Ohtaka Kohso for our dishes.

Ohtaka Kohso is a fermented food of plant extract made by fermenting vegetables, fruits, mushrooms etc. and it is very good for your intestine.

It is made by fermenting naturally/ageing 50 varieties of raw plant ingredients for over 180 days.
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Please enjoy our dishes which our head chef is very proud of.



※Please understand that the dishes and its contents may change depending on the season and whether the ingredients can be sourced or not.

※If you are allergic to any food, please let us know.

※In the raw ingredients of Ohtaka Kohso extract, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms are included and in the raw ingredients of Ohtaka Kohso Fugen, wheat is included.


A balanced meal including fruits of the sea and fruits of the mountain.
Opening hours 7:00〜9:00