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Q.About Free Shuttle Bus

Otaru Station    14:30  15:30

※The boarding place is in front of the police station on the right with Otaru station behind you

Otaru Chikkou Station   14:40   15:40

※The boarding place is near the taxi ramp after getting off at South Plaza

Only 2 services available. Reservation is required for boarding!


Q.I want to go by car but is there parking available?

We have two parking spaces, one in front and another at the rear.


Q.How much will it cost by taxi?

It will take 15 to 20 minutes from Otaru Chikkou station by taxi

It will cost approximately 1,500 yen.


Q.How long will it take to go to the ski slope by foot?

About 10 to 15 minutes by foot.


【Hotel Facilities/Amenities

Q.What is the shop opening hours?

There is a shop on the 2nd floor and it is open from 07:00 to 10:00 in the morning and 15:00 to 21:00 in the afternoon/evenings.

Japanese sweets, pickles, drinks, snacks etc. are available.

We also have shampoo containing horse fat, treatment, body soap among others.


Q.Do you have vending machines selling drinks and cigarettes?

We have vending machines selling juices and beer etc. on the first-floor vending machine area.

There is a cigarette vending machine on the 2nd floor (taspo is at the front reception).


Q.Is it barrier free?

Unfortunately, not.

Our Japanese rooms are easily accessible by people on wheelchairs by using the elevator.

Please note that to rooms other than the Japanese rooms and to the large baths there are stairs.


Q.About the Karaoke (Bar)?

There is one Karaoke (Bar) room.

You can use it for 2 hours (2,500 yen including tax) with our all you can drink, all you can sing plan.

Please use it to relieve your stress or to enjoy a great time with your friends.

Opening Hours: 20:00~24:00



Q.What is the check-in, check-out times?

Check-In  15:00~ / Check-Out 10:00


Q.Can we leave our valuables?

There is a safe in the guestrooms (free) or you can leave them at the front reception.


Q.Is there a refrigerator?

Yes, there is an empty refrigerator in all our guestrooms. You can bring your own alcoholic drinks and juices.

Please not that you may not bring your own drinks to the restaurant.


Q.Can we bring our child(ren) with us?

Of course. We would be grateful if you can stay at our hotel as a fond memory of your family trip.


Q.What are the children’s fees?

Elementary School (child)・・・8,000 yen (with futon & meal)

Pre-School (child)・・・6,000 yen (with futon & meal)

Pre-School (child)・・・4,000 yen (no futon, with meal)

Pre-School (child)・・・3,000 yen (with futon, no meal)

Accommodation fee other than the above (infant)・・・1,000 yen (no futon, no meal)

※Fees will change according to the contents of the meal, so please contact us directly for further details.



Q.Can you make funa-mori (various dishes served on a boat-like plate)?

Yes, we can arrange a funa-mori (serving for 5 to 6 people) for an additional cost of 15,000 yen (excluding tax).

※Please contact us if you have certain budget and number requests.

※3 days-notice is required.


Q.Can the meals be eaten in the room?

Meals are normally taken in our eateries. If you wish to have your meals in your room, an additional cost of 1,620 yen per person is charged.


Q.Is breakfast buffet-style?

No, it is not.



Q.Do you have a private bath? Is booking required?

Yes, we do. Booking is required.

Opening Hours ●09:00~22:00 (last entry 21:00)

Fee ●Adult 900 yen 6~12 y/o 450 yen (one time use limited to 1 hour)

※Our Japanese Cypress bath is boiled water and not from hot spring

※Our hot spring can be used privately as well


Q.Do you have private hot spring?

Yes, and booking is a must.

We offer 2 plans so even a couple, husband & wife or family with children can enjoy.

Opening Hours ●09:00~22:00 (last entry 21:00)

Fee ●Adult 1,500 yen 6~12 y/o 750 yen  (one time use limited to 1 hour)


Q.Is there a sauna in the bathing area?

Yes, one each (men & women) in the large baths.


Q.Please tell me about the stone sauna

It is a stone sauna using natural radium and

radium, radon, far infrared・negative ion, beautiful skin・anti-bacterial effects can be expected. Can be used both by men and women!

■Opening Hours

09:00~21:00 (last entry 20:00)

※Limited to 1 hour use at a time



☆For our guests staying only 300 yen is required at a time.

(including yukata, a towel set for the stone sauna)


☆Guests on day trip

Bathing and stone sauna usage fee / Adult 900 yen

Yukata and a towel set for the stone sauna   300 yen

Please feel free to inquire about how to bathe.


Q.Are there hair dryers in the large baths?

There are 2 hair dryers in the changing room. There are also sterilized combs available. We also have Bisuisen, BB seven cream, heel cream, hair treatment, Ellesoie crystal peeling gel and Ellesoie crystal gel S to be used freely by our guests. (The photo is the washbasin in the women’s change room.)


Q.When can I use the large baths

The large baths are on the first floor and they can be used between 06:00 to 24:00. Furthermore, body soap, shampoo, treatment, tea soap, keratin removing device etc. are available to be used. (The photo is the outdoor bath in the men’s large bath)

*Bathing for day trippers

Hours ●09:00~23:00

Fee ●Adult  600 yen Child  300 yen 【Book of tickets  5,000 yen for 10】



Q.Luggage delivery from our hotel

Kuroneko courier service and mail pack can be used. There is a sheet with delivery fees listed at the front reception.


Q.Forwarding luggage to our hotel prior to arrival

As long as we are notified in advance, we will keep until check-in all items except valuables, food and dangerous goods. Make sure you write your name and date of stay and send it to the address below.



Ryokan Musashitei   2-686 Asarigawa Onsen, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido

Date staying:  ○(month)/○(day) ○○(name)


Q.Can we bring drinks and food from outside?

Not allowed in the banquet hall but guestrooms are fine.


Q.Can we experience anything inside the hotel?

There is nothing in the hotel, but you can experience glass making at the Creative Glass Studio only 1-minute walking distance from our hotel.


Opening Hours 10:00~17:00 (booking required)

*For further information please contact the Creative Glass Studio.



Q.Can you arrange a massage?

Yes, we can.


Fee (tax inclusive):20 minutes (quick course)・・・2,100 yen

40 minutes ・・・・・・・・・・・4,200 yen

60 minutes ・・・・・・・・・・・6,300 yen

80 minutes ・・・・・・・・・・・8,400 yen


Q.What is the cancellation policy

Cancellation fee is

2-3 days prior 10%

Day before   20%

On the day   50%

Cancellation without contacting   100%


※If you have any questions other than the above, please inquire by filling out the form below.

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