Stone Sauna

Increases blood circulation, body metabolism and improves your immune system!


Stone sauna is a low temperature sauna where you lie on top of a bed made of natural stone and rock which has been pre-warmed. Sweat will start pouring out from all over your body.

Because each rock bed is separated you can use it in a relaxed way.

Vast amounts of fresh sweat will pour out due to minerals, negative ions and far infrared effect which will make your body warm to the core.

Your body and mind will be healed. Please give it a try.


Stone sauna can be used by those on day trips.



Large bath + Stone sauna   900 yen/person

Yukata for the stone sauna   300 yen (not required for those who already have a stone sauna yukata)


Guests staying     300 yen/person


Opening Hours: 10:00~21:00 (last entry 20:00)